SUNMI Hyper Wi-Fi
Stay connected wherever your business takes you.
Technical Vision
Staying connected is a must for every business, and usually a hard part especially for outdoor businesses, kitchens, warehouses among other scenarios. Thus SUNMI launched Hyper Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi that features bigger coverage, better penetration and smart network switch to improve your operational efficiency.
Better Wall Penetration
* Data from SUNMI Lab. Distance data is straight-line communication distance collected from tests in open environments.
Smart switch for seamless experience.
The device can switch to the network with a better signal thanks to the smart switch algorithm.
*Based on Hyper Wi-Fi algorithm developed by SUNMI.
Upgraded encryption for tighter security.
Mini in size, powerful in communication.
Ultimate experience, made easy to access.
Hyper Wi-Fi function has been built in SUNMI OS 4.0.
SUNMI Hyper Wi-Fi
Stay connected in the BIoT ecosystem.