All-in-One Self-service Kiosk

Self-service Ordering

Self-service cashier

Self-service Payment

Face-ID verification

3D Structured light camera

accurately identifies each face

3D structured light The camera can swivel 0~20°

3D structured light

The camera can swivel 0~20°

High-resolution all-in-one device

The 21.5" touch-sensitive screen, with 1920*1080 full HD resolutions and a 178° viewing angle, delivers clear and vivid images. The G+G capacitive 10-point touch screen is flexible and easy to use


Built-in SEIKO printer movement

High-quality QR platform

The device is equipped with a SEIKO thermal printer and an 80-mm movement. The anti-jam design ensures that receipts are printed quickly and without interruption

K1 is equipped with a high-quality scanning platform for high-speed payment processing and QR code capture

Advantages of the software

Customizable Launcher

Upload desktop applications through SUNMI Cloud and be able to select and modify the default desktop for the device across-the-board

Gray Upgrade

Software vendors can select certain users identified as "early adopters" for new product trials, and then expand the specifications of the trial step-by-step after verifying the quality of upgrade segment being tested

Kiosk Mode

A stand-alone full-screen mode does not require any software development, includes functionalities to automatically hide and block the system navigation and status bars, and blocks annoying notifications from third-party applications or interruptions from pop-up windows


K1 allows users to simultaneously turn on wired, wireless, and mobile network cards, and supports concurrent use of multiple networks

Super Permission

Allows remote configuration of needed permissions and capabilities via the cloud, enabling applications to bypass the system's authorization pop-up windows and directly access the system while in operation

Debug Protect

Support for bulk debugging protection via the cloud. Protected devices require authorization by the participating partner on the cloud to enable ADB debugging

Support look customization

Border and LOGO Personalized color customization

Attractive and durable appearance

The skim 11-cm-wide, brightly-colored piece of equipment, with a 5-mm transparent Acrylic plate protecting the functional area. The vertical shelf made of stainless steel comes with a wire mesh surface finish that is easy to clean

The stylish classic vertical placement

An elegant tabletop placement

The space-saving standard VESA wall mount

Wall mounting

Multiple levels of protection

Overcurrent Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Electromagnetic Compatibility Design

Circuit Protection

Strong and Weak Electric Separation

Data Interference Prevention

Electrostatic Prevention

A brand-new self-service shopping experience

The modular design makes assembly simple and efficient

K1 Technical Specifications

Standard configurations


The easy-to-position vertical positioning


The elegant desktop

Wall mounting

The space-saving standard VESA wall mounting


Quad-core, 1.8G




External memory card

Supports MicroSD(TF)

up to 64G

Operating system

Android 7.1


Interactive Displays

21.5"FHD 1920×1080 178°(typ.)

G+G capacitive screen

supports 10-point touch


80 mm-wide thermal printer with automatic cutter equipped with dispenser for 80mm outer diameter paper rolls

Speed: 150mm/s (max)

Barcode reader

Reads 1D, 2D

mobile-phone screens and printed barcodes


3D lightweight HD camera

0~20° for multi-angle adjustment



supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n


Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE


1×10/100/1000M adaptive


2x3W (one on each side)

Expansion interface

1×Micro-USB interface

4×USB Type A interfaces


Power key (screen locking key)

Power supply

Input: AC 100-240V


Wall mounting: 17.6kg

Upright: 64.8kg

Form factor

Wall mounting: 36×11×82cm (width×depth×height)

Upright: 71×63×166cm (width×depth×height)

Operating Environment

Operating temperature: 0~40℃

Storage temperature: -20~55℃