Redefining the New Gen Scale
Android intelligent scale, Qualcomm dual screen to support face payment
Support face payment | Qualcomm Snapdragon | eSIM no card technology | Built-in Seiko printer
15.6" dual screen | famous domestic sensor | 4G Full Netcom + WiFi
Development Background
Scale is always a must for both fruits & vegetables area of traditional supermarket and the new retail products supermarket, etc. Due to the increase of labor cost and more & more weighing areas have become unattended zones, self-weighing and self-printing have become a new trend among consumers. Therefore, SUNMI officially launches a type of intelligent scale - S2, combining together weighing and cashiering & receipt printing. Its 15.6" extra large touch screen with the simple & user-friendly HMI makes user to master the use skill more easily and thus the operation becomes more simple and convenient
  • Much space occupied, Messy counter, Low appearance level
  • Low labor efficiency, High consumables cost
  • Poor compatibility, High failure risk
  • Increased operating cost
Faster and Stronger Technology
that You Can Use
Users are always surprised by the smooth operation of SUNMI S2 when they choose this intelligent cashier scale. It all depends on the quality insurance from Qualcomm® while carrying SUNMI operating system, which makes your device to be all the time smooth like a new one
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor
    Mobile processor leading brand
    High performance, low power consumption, total connectivity
  • Android 7.1
    Promote safety & stability
    Increase the software running speed
  • SUNMI OS 2.3
    Based on the feedback from previous of users,
    Develop & optimize content of above 50 items
Redefining the New Gen Scale
S2 series are intelligent cashier scales with eSIM card functions, which are unnecessary to install any SIM card. You can immediately make a free choice of operators and open the relevant services. It avoids the risk of SIM card loss and allows users to remotely delete all the data for security reasons even if the whole device has lost. At the same time, S2 also supports 4G Full Netcom and it is possible for users to upload data to cloud management anywhere at any time
*This item is optional
User-friendly HMI
Wonderful screen touch experience
Delighting large screen experience
Optional multiple dual screen configurations
15.6" main screen | 1920×1080 ultrahigh resolution, which make every inch of the picture to be as smooth as silk sufficiently & obviously, the details & colors to be still sharp and bright & beautiful,
realizing all the visual effects | Optional 15.6" vice screen, which shows more content and provides easier dual screen operation & better interactive experience | Optional 10.1” vice screen,
which can synchronously display the information such as the weight & prices of the commodities, etc., making you feel more at ease in the transaction
    Screen size upgrade, optional multiple configurations
    Single Screen
  • Super large touch screen design
    15.6"large touch screen |Simple operation guide & guide menus | User-friendly interface
    which make the users to more easily master the use skill
  • Intelligent dual screen interaction
    The information such as the weight & prices of the commodities can be synchronously displayed between the main screen and the vice screen
    Secure transactions that make people feel at ease Optimized intelligent dual screen interaction method
    You only need one set of system to display the same App on both screens
    Easier debugging & more smooth running
  • Support face payment
    Camera that applies the structured light solution of multimodal biometric identification
    Change the traditional payment methods to realize payment without cash, without bank card, etc., when leaving home
Stand column design, with great style and slim
Combination of being steady with fashion
  • Light & thin and high-end stand column design
    The whole surface of the stand column is covered by two parts: metallic titanium and black, which produces the great style & slim visual effect
    Orange embellishments on both sides, which break the boring atmosphere, and combine being steady with fashion
    The printer cover is independent of the surface of stand column, which creates the sense of volume sufficiently & obviously
  • Built-in Seiko 80mm printer
    No externally connected printer needed
    Immediate receipt printing after payment
  • Higher capacity of paper bin
    Longer print time limit
    The whole surface of the stand column is covered by two parts: metallic titanium and black, which produces the great style & slim visual effect
    Orange embellishments on both sides, which break the boring atmosphere, and combine being steady with fashion
    The printer cover is independent of the surface of stand column, which creates the sense of volume sufficiently & obviously
  • New print technology
    To promote efficiency
    In cooperation with senior Seiko experts, SUNMI has upgraded & built with them together 80 mm thermal printer with a brand new generation of “Print Technology” in terms of individual paper jam phenomena
    Thus, the amount of paper jam phenomena is reduced and the printing has become more natural & smooth, saving both worry & time
    The fastest printing speed of 200 mm/s, which is suitable for any usage scenarios, more than sufficient even when queuing for number take during the rush hour
    The high quality that Seiko adheres to has accomplished a print life of up to 150 km, and this printer does not need additional maintenance in normal usage in all conditions
Suspended aluminum alloy die-casted scale body design
Highlight the sense of science and technology | Improve the user experience
  • Design of aluminum alloy die-casted scale body
    The gap between the scale pan and the base is highlighted by orange ribbon to improve visual experience
    It is light & thin, with scale pan upward on both sides, to increase sense of suspension and highlight the sense of science & technology
    Meanwhile, there is certain limit to the commodity that needs to be weighed to prevent rolling down
  • Design of adjustable stand bar
    Expose the stand bar by cutting open four corners at the bottom of the weighing platform along the diagonal line
    for ease of installation and adjusting the levelling of the weighing platform, and also for more light & handy base
    The easily adjustable stand bar has increased the efficiency of installation
  • Design of closed base
    Completely closed base design| anti-corrosion |dirt resistant | antifouling | mothproof | Long survival
    under worse environment no matter in fresh food supermarket or fruits franchise store
  • Professional sensors equipped with
    advanced algorithms | Higher scale accuracy | Higher quality
    Specialized high precision AD conversion chip of TI - internationally famous brand Temperature compensation technology to ensure the outstanding performance of the sensor from severe winter to hot summer Digital sensor algorithm
    Highly integrated into AD board module
    Easy maintenance
  • Omni-directional detection of software & hardware
    Ensure the accurate measurement of the scale body
    Electronic blister patented technology | Adjust the scale body level by observing the screen dynamic prompt
    Lead-sealing scale body to prevent the electronic scale from being dismantled randomly disassemble prevention to avoid measurement value inaccuracy
    Status monitoring for device networking | Fault warning in advance
Precise production and manufacture
One-Piece-Flow quality management & control system
  • 1 million times
    Full range loading test
  • 114 hours
    Storage test under 40℃ to -10℃ temperature
  • 15000V
    Electrostatic air discharge test
  • 24 hours
    High temperature (40 ℃) high humidity (80%) test
Applicable industries
  • Unmanned supermarket
  • Fresh food supermarket
  • Fruits & vegetables chain store
  • Deli
  • Leisure food shop
  • Dry fruit shop
  • Catering chain store
  • Bakery
  • Market
Functions & Applications
  • Self-weighing
  • Self-checkout
  • Receipt printing
  • human pay
  • Mobile payment
  • Members management
  • Cashiering management
  • Bulk weighing
  • Kitchen weighing
  • Kitchen ticket issue
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory verification

S2 Technical Specifications


Standard configurations

  • Display 15.6" +15.6"

    Main screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080

    Vice screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080

  • Display 15.6"+10.1"

    Main screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080

    Vice screen: 10.1" HD, 1024×600

  • Display 15.6"

    Main screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080

  • CPU

    Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon

  • OS

    Android 7.1 SUNMI OS

  • Memory

    2GB RAM 16GB ROM

  • Touch Screen

    G+G capacitive multi-touch screen

  • Power Adapter



  • Wi-Fi

    2.4G/5G 支持IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

  • Bluetooth

    Support Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0

  • Range

    40g - 6/15kg(dual range)

  • Speaker/MIC


  • External Memory Card

    Support ×1 MicroSD(TF) Up to 64G

  • Environment

    Work temp:0°C~40°C

    Storage temp:-20°C~60°C

  • Printer

    Built-in high speed 80 thermal printer

    with automatic cutter

    Printing speed 200mm/s

    Support paper roll with 80mm OD

  • Button

    Power(lock screen)


  • External Port

    USB Type A port ×5、RJ11serial port

    RJ12 cash drawer port ×1、RJ45 LAN

    headphone jack ×1、power port ×1, Micro-USB debug port ×1

Optional configurations

  • SIM Card Slot

    1 support 1.8V/3.0V

  • Communication Methods


  • eSIM

    Without installing any SIM card, it is available for freely choosing the operator and opening relevant service