Brand new visual presentation.
Each interface element has been redefined, which significantly enhanced the visual uniformity. The modification has been applied to all system Apps.
Larger screen space and more convenient function portal.
Independent system operating modules are integrated to save more screen space for Apps as well as provide function portals for you to use conveniently.
The advantages of a big screen have been fully utilized.
The left & right layout is employed as the interactive mode, to save you from frequent jumps and offer you more convenient and efficient operation.
  • User Guide
  • Remote Assistance
  • Setting
  • Store Center
  • Hardware Steward
  • System Update
  • Gallery
Seamlessly manage your devices, Apps, contents and implement safety control through Partners Platform.
You can log in Partners Platform to remotely manage your devices including managing devices by groups,
checking device information in real time, remotely controlling device screen and assistance package,
powering off/restarting devices and distributing file in batches, installing and uninstalling APK,
acquiring logs, locking/unlocking devices, clearing the screen locking password.
One configurable software interface for various hardware.
Guides for using different hardware specs are encapsulated to present you a time-saving configuration experience, which helps you focus your effort on business development.
Enable the kiosk mode of self-service devices in one touch.
Without any development, the navigation bar and status bar of a running App can be hidden, and notifications can be blocked.
Note: it supports force quit and offline settings.
Superb capabilities:
the system requires no root and permissions can be set on the cloud.
Without any customization on system, dynamic permissions, special permission and system permissions can be given to a specified App through the configuration on the cloud.
  • App Protection LMK
  • Free of Dynamic Permission
  • Silent Installation & Uninstallation
  • Modify the System Settings
  • Shutdown/Restart Permission
  • Network Management Permission
  • Device Management Permission
  • Display in Floating Window
  • Free of USB Permission
  • System Permission
  • Remote Control Permission
sunmi os
SUNMI OS is an operating system that has been deeply optimized & improved based on Android, which supports the installation of the Apps based on Android system. We have made an in-depth customization of it for Intelligent commercial scenarios and handled all the things to the point in terms of operating experiences, performance enhancements and scenario-based design, which have enabled the commercial equipment to be smarter, more intelligent and more powerful.
  • User Friendly
  • Easy Management
  • Complete Functions
  • Convenient Debugging
  • Cloud Customization
  • Safe & Stable
  • Application Permission
  • Multiple Payments
An App store that all in control.
You can customize your own App Store, in which any App submitted by a third-party to your App Store needs to be approved by you, helping you prevent the Apps of your competitors from being installed by merchants.
Control risks through releasing in canary approach.
Developers can release new version to specified users (fans, e.g.) by region or device SN to verify the quality of the new version. After being verified, the new version can be released to a larger scope of users and iterated to the official version, which significantly decrease the effect that might be brought by the new version's immaturity to merchants.
Change content from the cloud
to build terminal exclusive brand.
Now, through the simple configuration on the partners platform, you can set up uniformly numerous desktop widgets of the device
  • Desktop
  • Wallpaper
  • Widgets
  • Boot Animation
  • Launch Apps by Default
  • You can simply modify some App parameters to automatically launch the App on the desktop to effectively enhance the users work efficiency.
  • Default wallpaper of the device under the customized channel, which can be previewed according to portrait and landscape screen, and be released by batch
  • Apps can be quickly launched and designated Apps can be displayed on the desktop as large icons.
  • Only one set of pictures is needed to generate customized boot animation. Different animation can be released in accordance with different device models.
  • Designated Apps can be automatically and preferentially launched after entering the desktop to help users get ready to work.
Complete all settings, at one go.
The customer screen can be used to advertise promotional activities as well as show payment process.
Two touchscreens
to provide interaction with the customers in a brand new way.
The customer screen can be used to advertise promotional activities as well as show payment process.
*Note: the functions of the customer screen are only available to T series and D series.
Know more about the device state from the cloud than from site.
You can check the device details, SN, memory occupied, battery (including whether the power supply is plugged in), device App list, and status (on/off) of settings during remote connection.
The remote control service bridges our distance.
Technical support can remotely control the devices of end users with remote control service. With some simple helps from end users, technical support can obtain the first-hand material to locate the problem and solve it correspondingly.
Know your merchants, customers, scenarios via data analysis.
You can only make effective analysis by making the best of data. The data center will provide you with comprehensive data that run through the whole life cycle of user/device, so that you can make use of the data to make decisions on products, operation and promotion strategy
Know your devices through hardware check.
Customers can conduct hardware check on the device and technical support can view the result on the backstage to quickly locate and solve problems correspondingly.
Specify the printing style without changing App.
Adaptive to printing paper of different widths. Printing mode can be switched among ordinary thermal and black label thermal in accordance with specific commercial scenarios. The printing format can be changed without any change on the App.
Redefine the receipt printer, to print global characters fulfilling needs on print speed and print effect.
Compatible with various printing methods and printing orders; transaction printing mode is provided, in which the printing output can be monitored.
Advance with times by providing life-long update service to extend the devices' life cycle.
OTA function ensures the update and iteration of SUNMI OS and can release the newest system to devices without delay, bringing newest experience to users and extending the life cycle of devices.
We provide packages, and you control updates.
You can examine and approve the update packages released by the system through partners portal. It is up to you to determine when to update and which device to be updated.