Space gray all aluminium alloy base
Small entity merchants New retail demands
We incorporate new science & technology into the second generation of SUNMI desktop cash register. On the basis of safety maintenance & stable running, we further provide it with super strong networking & business development ability, to allow the cash device also to be used in combination with various hardwares while maintaining the information transmission
Faster and more powerful
Science & technology for your use
When you choose SUNMI’s intelligent cash register, you’ll be amazed at its smooth running. Quality assurance from Qualcomm® in combination with SUNMI OS will make your device to be always smooth like a new one
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon
    High quality brand of mobile end processor
    High performance, low power consumption, total connectivity
  • Android 7.1
    Increase safety & stability
    Faster software running speed
  • 2G RAM+16G ROM
    Super strong RAM
    16 GB extra large memory
More than 50 items of content have been developed
optimized based on the feedback from the previous generation of users
SUNMI OS is a operating system deeply optimized & improved based on Android, which supports the installation of Android system-based App, specifically & deeply customized for intelligent commercial business scenarios. All have been handled to the point in terms of operating experience, performance enhancement & scenario-based design, which makes the commercial devices to be cleverer, more intelligent & powerful
Not only larger
but also clearer screen
Main screen is upgraded to 15.6"
while the customer display screen to 10.1"
to have a larger display area & more display content, bringing different shocking visual experience
In combination with 1920×1080 high resolutionevery inch of the picture is thoroughly & obviously smooth just like silk
the details & colors are still sharp and bright & beautiful, realizing all the visual effects
Upgraded screen size
various optional configurations
  • 15.6"+15.6"
  • 15.6"+10.1"
  • 15.6"
Face payment, a quick step forward
No need to wait, do what is in future now
Carrying a camera of "biometric identification structured light"
to accurately locate the position of the critical area, to capture the feature points
Intelligent cash register that truly supports financial level face payment
You can accurately identify no matter you use 3D reconstruction/after effect software or screen replay/printing maskor with print photos/digital photos. It can also resist various forgery attacks
* Optional biometric identification structured light, to support the financial level face payment technology
eSIM is coming
To start a no card new era
SUNMI T2 LITE series are the fist desktop POS to use eSIM card function within the industry. It is not necessary to install any SIM card, and the users can freely select operators and open related services. It perfectly avoids the risk of losing SIM card. Even if the whole device is lost, the users can also delete the data remotely to ensure their own data security
* This webpage displays new functions, please contact your local sales staff for more info about subsequent opening
*eSIM as an optional function
More intelligent dual screen interaction
SUNMI listens seriously to every customer’s feedback. We launched more intelligent dual screen interaction method in order to make more convenient the debugging of dual screen interaction and smoother runningWith only one set of system, you can display the same Apk on both screens, also to realize all the interactions
Concise, but practical enough
Its powerful storage warehouse not only hides various ports, but also arrange and take up various messy routings. This increases the extensibility while at the same time promote the sense of beauty
The top industrial design master
David protet did it by himself
SUNMI T2 LITE applies dull black integrated all aluminum alloy base for coordination
Every line is full of tension, every detail constantly strives for perfection
Applicable industries
  • Self-service
  • Fresh market
  • Mid-to-high end
    catering chain
  • Milk tea chain
  • Franchise store
  • Business super &
    convenience store
Functions & Applications
  • Self-checkout
  • Online orders
  • Quick order
  • Catering orders
  • Settlement at
  • Members
  • Cashiering
  • Remote shop
  • Inventory
  • Inventory

T2 LITE Technical Specifications


Standard configurations

  • Display 15.6"+15.6"

    Main screen:15.6" FHD,


    Customer screen:15.6" FHD,


  • Display 15.6"+10.1"

    Main screen:15.6" FHD,


    Customer screen:10.1" HD,


  • Display 15.6"

    Main screen:15.6" FHD,


  • OS

    Android 7.1


  • CPU

    Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor

  • Memory

    2GB RAM

    16GB ROM

  • Touch Screen

    G+G capacitive

  • Power Adapter



  • Wi-Fi


    Support IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

  • Bluetooth

    Support Bluetooth2.1/3.0/4.0

    Support BLE

  • Dimensions

    37.4cm × 33.8cm × 22.4cm

  • Speaker


  • Button

    Power button(lock screen)

    Volume +/-

  • External Memory Card

    Support MicroSD(TF)

    Up to 64G

  • Environment

    Work temp:0°C~40°C

    Storage temp:-20°C~60°C

  • External Port

    USB Type A port ×5, RJ11 serial port ×1, RJ12 cash drawer port ×1, RJ45 LAN port ×1

    headphone jack ×1, power port ×1, Micro-USB debug port ×1

Optional configurations

  • SIM Card Slot

    One that supports 1.8V/3.0V

  • Camera

    Please contact the local sales staff for the

    relevant information

  • eSIM

    Without installing any SIM card, it is available for freely choosing the operator and opening relevant service