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Good-looking, and powerful.
Current Situations
Many out-of-date bulky devices are still being used nowadays, which badly decrease merchants' efficiency.
Traditional cash registers can only be used for money collection in many small convenience stores, which leaves inventory check a time-consuming manual work for shop assistants, thus wasting plenty of manpower and material.
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SUNMI T2 MINI is an all-in-one Android POS terminal which is more compact, intelligent powerful and future-proof.
Classic appearance design.
Function options available according to customers' needs.
Perfect for use in various business scenarios including retail, petrol station, convenience store, etc.
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Exquisite performance due to the advanced chip.
To help you handle all your work well more than sufficiently, we equip it with a high performance octa-core processor.
Maintain excellent performance in various environments.
11.6" IPS multi-touch capacitive HD screen offers you clear display effect and wide viewing angle, which can be applied in indoor & outdoor environments.
Multiple supports beyond your expectation.
  • Unlimited Network Access
    Anywhere at any time,
    optional 4G module, which can be used freely to access to the network both indoors & outdoors.
  • More Than Excellent With a Mass of Applications
    A mass of safe but free commercial applications which were proved by SUNMI can be downloaded here, which will help you cope with various business scenarios with ease.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
    Make unlimited expansion possible.
  • Optional Tax Control Module
    Optional tax control module is provided for overseas demanders.
Professional print quality.
80mm (Seiko printer with automatic cutter) specifications available with faster print speed and more stable print quality. Maintenance cost will be greatly saved with the high-quality device.
  • 80mm
Code Scanning Window
The code scanning window can scan various QR codes, with a maximum identify speed less than 0.03 second/code.
Camera (Customer Display)
128×40 dots multifunctional customer display can show price as well as payment QR code.
Convenient customers to make a payment through scan QR code directly.
NFC module can added to support all the swiping card function.
  • Code Scanning Window
  • Customer Display
  • NFC
Just Enough Memory
The built-in large memory enables customer to store more promotional photos, videos, advertisements and files, etc.
Development Background
The design inspiration of T2 MINI was originated from cash register, a traditional small-sized cashier's device equipped with physical keyboard, which is quite popular in Europe and Asia and can be seen everywhere in the world. However, this cash register is out-of-date for it has no OS, cannot support mobile payment nor use any software, and money collection is its only function.
Accordingly, SUNMI referred to the concept of this classic cash register in the design of T2 MINI, a brand new intelligent Android device. Compared with traditional cash register, T2 MINI is more compact and light, which distributes its good mobility. Meanwhile, T2 MINI ensures excellent performances of all functions. Besides, it adds various additional functions including tax control and 4G module, expanding its applicable scenarios furtherly.
  • All-In-One
    Compare with old ECR cash register, T2 MINI incorporates both NFC and camera into it, making it a highly integrated device.
  • Compact, but Practical
    Its form & size design takes the land occupation as the starting point, making it suitable for stores with limited space.
  • Craftsmanship in Every Touch
    Industrial spray painting technology endows T2 MINI much more sense of technology, grade and metallic texture, which makes it high-quality but low-price.
Smart but robust appearance.
The middle lines in bold on both sides create an eye-catching look for customers, forming its smart but robust appearance.
Perfect finishing touch.
Vivifying the product appearance by using Sunmi theme color orange surround the printer body
NFC + Camera
  • Premium 80mm
Deeply customized on Android 7.1, SUNMI exclusive hardware system is safe, stable, advanced, high-efficient and easy to use.
Remote Support.
With remote control function, technician can control user's device remotely just like operating a local device. The problem can be easily found and solved with the user's a little help.

T2 MINI Tech Specs

  • Model Approved

    Config 1: L1323 (80mm printer +WIFI)

    Config 2: L1323 (80mm printer + NFC + Scanner+4G)

  • OS

    Android 7.1


  • CPU


    octa-core 1.4GHz

  • Memory

    2GB RAM + 16GB ROM

  • Display

    Capacitive multitouch

    Main Display:

    11.6" FHD 1920*1080

    Secondary Display:

    LED Display,FSTN ,128*40

  • Camera


    Supports 1D/2D barcode recognition (Config 2)

  • Printer

    Built-in 80mm thermal printer

    Auto cutter: equipped

    Print speed: 160mm/s

    Service life: 100Km, Paper roll: Φ60mm

  • NFC Card Reader

    Supports Type A&B card,

    Mifare card, Felica card

    ISO/ICE 14443 compliant

  • Scanner

    Supports 1D/2D barcode recognition (Config 2)

  • Speaker

    1* 1.2W

  • SIM Card Slot

    1* MINI SIM (Config 2)

  • Network

    2G & 3G & 4G (Config 2)

  • Wi-Fi


    Supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

  • Bluetooth

    Supports Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.2

    Supports BLE

  • Wired Network

    LAN 100M

  • Button

    1* Power (lock screen) button

    2* Volume (+/-) button

  • TF Card

    1* MicroSD (TF)

    Up to 64G

  • Ports

    4* USB Type A port

    1* RJ11 serial port

    1* RJ12 cash drawer port

    1* RJ45 LAN port

    1* Audio jack

    1* Power port

    1* Micro USB debug port

  • Power Adapter

    Input: AC100~240V/1.7A

    Output: DC24V/2.5A

  • Dimensions (L*W*H)


  • Total Weight


  • Environment

    Operating temperature: 0°C~40°C

    Storage temperature: -20°C~60°C

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