A commercial router designed for you
Zero delay in processing orders even during network congestion
Intelligent network optimizes data transfer speeds, assuring seamless operation of the cash register, order processing, printing and other devices in the store during peak traffic periods, when many customers use the store Wi-Fi to access the Internet
High quality networking
in complex environments
Automated networking of multiple SUNMI routers provide more coverage and seamless roaming. High quality network is available wherever you go
  • W1 business router
  • Ordinary router
In-store status tracking
anytime, anywhere
The SUNMI App lets you manage many stores at the same time, and view in-store status anytime, anywhere
SUNMI smart router app delivers a new experience enhanced by unified management while supporting commercial networks with reliable performance
Black list
Remote management
Network allocation
One-touch device connection
By gently pressing the orange button on the side of the router, any nearby SUNMI device can access the network without needing to be configured, providing ultimate convenience for your in-store device deployment
Industry-grade power supply
ensures extreme stability
SUNMI routers are equipped with industrial grade power supply
providing you with a level of security that cannot be achieved by home routers
  • 128
    Simultaneous access for up to 128 terminals
  • Qualcomm processor
    World famous chip manufacturer
  • Band-Steering
    Band Steering, a.k.a. is commonly referred to as the band switching technology, which enables routers to switch terminal devices intelligently between Wi-Fi in 2.4G band and Wi-Fi in 5G band Wi-Fi according to the signal quality of the devices.
    Intelligent band steering
    The full name of MU-MIMO is stands for “Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output”. The technology can transform the processing of data from the low-efficiencythe inefficient “queue to for orderly pass through” model into the highly -efficientcy “advance together” model, greatly vastly improving the user experience.
    Multi-user Multiple-Input Multiple-Output technology
  • Dual-frequency
    Supports 2.4GHz/5GHz
*Simultaneous access by 128 terminals is based on test data in the laboratory, however, the recommended number of terminals that can be accessed in an actual operating environment should not exceed 64
You can choose to place the router on a horizontal flat surface or hang on the wall or side of a counter
Comes with hooks for hanging and collapsible antennas
Compatible with all business environments
Oblique design delivers full heat dissipation
Based on the size of the heat sink, the dynamic oblique design of the top of the router allows for full dissipation of heat
Collapsible antenna for easy storage
The rotating shafts of the antennae on each side of the router are interconnected, allowing for easy collapsing of the antennae and storage of the device, as well as time-saving installation within seconds, by simply raising the antennae

SUNMI W1 Technical Specifications

  • System


  • CPU


  • Frequency&

    Signal Rate

    2.4GHz Wi-Fi 450Mbps

    5GHz Wi-Fi 867Mbps

  • USB

    USB 2.0

  • Interface

    WAN 1*10/100/1000Mbps

  • Antenna

    6*external antenna

  • Dimensions


  • Button

    SUNMI Link Button

    Reset Button

  • Memory

    Flash 16MB

    RAM 128MB

  • Adapter

    100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A

  • Wireless Speed


  • Wireless Standards

    802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

  • Indicator Light

    Power light

    WAN light

    LAN light

    Wi-Fi light

    SUNMI Link light

  • Environment

    Storage Temperature:-40°C - 70°C

    Operating Temperature:-10°C - 45°C

    Storage Humidity:10% - 90%RH non-condensing

    Operating Humidity:10% - 90%RH non-condensing