SUNMI V2 PRO, a generalist in
various business scenarios.
As a generalist in various business scenarios, SUNMI V2 PRO can be used for mobile checkout, online order receiving, label printing, QR code coupon redemption and inventory taking, making it more convenient and efficient to do your business.
V2 PRO has left footprints in 111 countries and provided quality services to merchants in all walks of life. Let's take a look on SUNMI V2 PRO's excellent performances in different businesses.
FamilyMart is a Japanese-owned convenience store chain which operates over 2,4000 stores in China, Thailand, America and Korea, and also ranked top 100 chains in China, 2019.
“To an international convenience store chain, food safety procedures must be 100% controllable.”
The digital transformation of food safety procedures usually goes ahead of the rest – it is a fundamental work.
From receiving the item delivered, doing item check, putaway, to defrosting, unbagging, and preparing for sale, every FamilyMart convenience store strictly follows the time requirements made by its HQ. They used to record time manually, but over 100 cooked food without product barcodes bring difficulties to shop assistants, especially at peak hours, because the time to defrost these food and their validities vary. Additionally, two inspections every week will be conducted by the head who is in charge of a certain area, and the manager of a store where a problem is found will be fired. However, spot check done manually may also bring uncontrollability in management.
SUNMI V2 PRO has been used in the integrated and standard management of cold chain food safety, and has drastically enhanced store operation efficiency.
Label printing and item management.
How SUNMI V2 PRO facilitate the digital
transformation of FamilityMart's food safety
A shop assistant needs to sync information to the HQ system while operating each procedure, V2 PRO runs on Android, a system highly compatible;
With a built-in label printer, each step can be intuitively perceived, reducing the communication and operation costs in a shift of duty;
V2 PRO can be used to take and upload photos to the system to efficiently facilitate the inspections conducted by HQ;
A voice prompt will be sent to remind you near-expired food, thus reducing risks, increasing efficiency and further standardizing the food safety management.
Another challenge in the process is to get the staff to embrace this new digital tool and actually use it to replace manual operation;
V2 PRO has a big touch screen and a small size, which is easy to use and light enough to carry.
Only by making food safety more controllable can the operational efficiency of a convenience store be substantially improved.
A data- & technology-driven new retail platform of Alibaba, which reshapes the online & offline service experience and has over 200 stores in China.
For Freshippo, SUNMI V2 PRO has doubled the efficiency of promoting loyalty programs.
For offline business, digital transformation on "people" and "products" are not enough, "place" matters when talking about bringing customers back;
Freshippo wants to attract people 3Km around to participate its loyalty programs, therefore lots of promotions and activities have been done;
In the past, Freshippo employees had to firstly record customer information manually and then type in, which was error-prone and data could not be updated in real time. When a coupon redemption is used for attracting participants, that would be a bigger headache – employees had to lead customers to a certain checkout counter to queue, but the long waiting time pushed customers away.
After replacing manual coupon redemption with QR code redemption enabled by SUNMI V2 PRO, it is more efficient to promote customers a loyalty program.
QR code coupon redemption for loyalty program.
How SUNMI V2 PRO facilitates the promotion of loyalty programs for Freshippo?
When promoting a loyalty program in a community, a portable tool like SUNMI V2 PRO saves staff from carrying heavy equipment;
During a loyalty program promotion, redeeming coupons through QR codes is a must. V2 PRO comes with a scanner, camera, which can be directly used to scan product barcodes and QR codes for payment acceptance or coupon redemption. The built-in Seiko printer can print receipts which visually show all information to avoid any error or omission that may occur in coupon redemption that done manually.
When promoting in a store, shop assistants can carry a V2 PRO to customers for mobile checkout and coupon redemption, compared with the old days when customers had to wait in front of checkout counters, V2 PRO brings convenience and efficiency, and also higher possibility to make a loyalty program a successful one.
“SUNMI V2 PRO is portable and quick at reading barcodes, making it a great helper in promoting a loyalty program and in mobile checkout.”
A shop assistant of Freshippo
SUNMI has reached in-depth cooperation with almost all the top food delivery platforms around the globe and over one million SUNMI V series handhelds have been sold globally. Together with our partners, we help restaurants around the world realize more efficient and convenient delivery services.
“A food delivery platform usually serves thousands of restaurants, and the number of restaurants is the foundation of our success. The product quality and reliability allows us smooth operations and deployments. Our restaurant partners also praise the simplicity and performance of the solution.”
Due to the epidemic this year, an increasing number of restaurants have paid more attention to takeout orders received online. According to a report released by Meituan recently, the takeout segment could represent 30%-40% of the whole restaurant business this year. By contrast, this number was only 8% last year.
The world also has witnessed a surge in takeout demand, and Yahoo Finance reported that in the US, the popularity of food delivery services has quadrupled due to the outbreak.
However, the online food delivery industry overseas develops slowly, and traditional POS devices are majorly desktops which are complicated to receive orders from online food delivery platforms.
How to quickly and economically seize takeout market is essential for global merchants.
With this easy-to-use SUNMI V2 PRO, merchants can easily expand their business to cover takeout business.
Mobile checkout, online order receiving.
How SUNMI V2 PRO helps merchants to win in this
big change?
SUNMI handheld POS terminals are more user-friendly compared with heavy desktops, which are easy enough even for a beginner of takeout business;
Additionally, SUNMI V Series devices integrate functions including automatically online order receiving, receipt printing, ordering, queue management and checkout, making it applicable for dine-in and takeout businesses and enhancing the whole service efficiency of a restaurant.
In addition to V2 PRO, over one million of SUNMI V Series devices have been sold and used in queue management for restaurants, online order receiving, and mobile checkout, etc.
LYFEN was established in 1999 and listed in the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016, becoming the "first snack stock on main board". It has 2800 franchised stores nationwide.
During the epidemic, LYFEN has received nearly six times as many online orders with SUNMI V2 as before.
With the surging demand on self pick-and-go driven by the epidemic, LYFEN, with 2,800 locations, has received 6 times the online orders compared with before, raising higher requirements on online order receiving and processing;
The widespread locations bring LYFEN competitiveness, and with the development of mobile internet technology, LYFEN focuses on an operation pattern which integrates all channels online and offline to better serve customers in different scenarios. LYFEN completed its own system to run food delivery business last year, but the in-store POS devices run on Windows and are not highly compatible with its APP and other third-party online food delivery platforms. LYFEN had looked for a device specially used to receive orders from online platforms for a long time, until SUNMI V2 was selected and used in 2019, ending the long search.
Using SUNMI V2 to receive online orders reduces the labor cost and increases the work efficiency.
Online order receiving and receipt printing.
How a LYFEN assistant uses SUNMI V2 to efficiently receive online orders?
SUNMI V2 is integrated and user-friendly, and it can receive orders from LYFEN App and other third-party food delivery platforms, and an automatically order receiving mode can be enabled. Shop assistants only need to pick goods in accordance to an order placed and provide delivery service – easy, and high efficient. Besides, V2 has a built-in high-speed printer with a big paper capacity, easily satisfying the needs in receipt printing after receiving an order.
Furthermore, SUNMI OS facilitates remote management which is pretty essential for big chains like LYFEN.
“During the epidemic, the number of our online orders has been multiplied several times. With this easy-to-use device, we can quickly print receipts after receiving online orders without frequent paper reloading. What's more, SUNMI devices can be operated by HQ in an unified way, we don't have to take extra work, which is convenient.”
A store manager of LYFEN
Established in Saudi Arabia, 2004, OneCard is a popular payment software company in Middle East and North Africa.
“SUNMI V1s is light, easy, and comes with a printer, which can be used to print receipts after payment, making top up service more efficient and more error-free.”
In South Africa and Saudi Arabia, the payment service is not widespread and most people still use traditional methods to recharge their phones, game cards and cable TVs;
Traditionally, a customer has to go to a service provider to buy a recharge card and dial a specified number, and operate following voice instructions to type in the number to be recharged, password of the recharge card, recharge amount and confirm all information input.
But this pattern also means a service provider has to buy lots of cards, bringing higher pressure on capital. For users, only few recharge card amount options can be chose from, which is not flexible and inconvenient.
It is more flexible and high efficient to use SUNMI V1s for top up.
Top up and prepaid account.
How SUNMI V1s makes the recharge service more efficient and flexible?
For merchants, it is quite convenient to use SUNMI V1s for recharge service, customers just need to come to a merchant and recharge whatever amount he or she needs. After accepting the payment, the merchant can print a receipt with SUNMI V1s where the recharge password is included, and the customer can dial a certain number and recharge his or her phone following the voice instruction, or send the relevant password to the recharge center of the operator, or recharge a specified phone number;
This method can also be used to recharge cable TVs and game cards;
This easy recharge service achieved with SUNMI V1s simplifies the recharge process of the local users and also accelerates the development of local recharge business.
More applications of SUNMI V Series devices around the world.
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