Mini Cash Drawer
The reliable cash drawer for you.
Same capacity,
less room occupied.
Its room occupied is reduced by 22.5%
but capacity remains the same
(four bill trays & three coin trays)
compared with traditional small cash drawers
to satisfy the need of stores.
and stable.
The cash drawer adopts anti-skid
ABS panel, trapezoid shape and
internal honeycomb structure,
evenly distributing the pressure on it
and making it 10Kg bearable as well as
avoiding the screen shaking in use.
  • Trapezoid Shape
  • Internal Honeycomb Structure
  • Anti-Skid Pad
Extra-long service life.
The employed industrial metallic bearings
are more solid, unbreakable and smooth.
The cash drawer can be opened
by just one press on the key
and has an extra-long service life
exceeding one million operations.
*The data is obtained from SUNMI lab.
Dual insurances
for safety reminder.
Shop assistant can easily recognize
whether the drawer is closed or not
due to its eye-catching orange
inner side. Additionally, the interface
can work with cash register software
for you to customize the safety reminder.
Reduce short circuit risk with
wide-area voltage.
With wide-area voltage compatible design,
it suits to 9V/12V/24V cash register
output voltage. There is no need to
worry about the cash drawer being burnt
due to the unmatched output voltage
between cash register and cash drawer.
  • Electromagnetic Valve Short Circuit 3A Overcurrent rotection
  • Input Pulse Overvoltage Protection
  • Input Pulse Timeout Protection
  • Self-Adaptive to 9V-28V Input Voltage
  • Contact ESD 8KV Air ESD 15KV
  • Termal Shutdown
Give you a neat work table
with a cable storage compartment
on the top of the cash drawer.
Strengthened steel metallic clips
covered by durable ABS
for noise reduction are employed
to avoid the harsh noise
caused by traditional clips.
The inner side of the cash drawer
adopts matt panel made of ABS material,
which will save your fingers from getting hurt
when they are accidentally pinched.
Considerate designs.

Mini Cash Drawer Tech Specs

  • Cash Drawer

    Plastic and metallic

  • Trays

    Four normal bill & one big bill trays

    Three coin trays

  • Metallic Bearing

    Up to 10kg bearable

  • Cable

    RJ12, 6P4C, 0.8m

  • Lock

    Three positions lock

    (electronic, manual and deadlock)

  • Bill Clip

    Plastic and metallic

  • Cable Storage Compartment


    compartment with cover

  • Drive Voltage

    DC9V~24V, 1A

  • Drive Pulse Width


  • Drive Protections

    3A overcurrent protection triggered by electromagnetic valve shrot circuit

    Input pulse overvoltage protection

    Input pulse timeout protection

    Self-adaptive to 9V-28V input voltage

    Contact ESD 8KV/air ESD 15KV

    Termal shutdown

  • Service Life

    ≥1000000 operations

  • Noise


  • Status Feedback

    Status detection switch

  • Size

    W317mm x L332mm x H72mm

  • Total Weight


  • Environment

    Working temperature and humidity:

    0℃ ~ 45℃, 30% ~ 85%

    Storage temperature and humidity:

    -20℃ ~ 60℃, 10% ~ 90%