Statement on Protection of Data and Privacy by SUNMI

Shanghai SUNMI Technology Co., Ltd. and its global affiliated companies ("SUNMI" or "we") are fully aware of the importance of data and privacy to you and will respect your data and privacy. Please read and understand the terms of this Statement on Protection of Data and Privacy by SUNMI (this "Statement") before you submit your personal information or business operation data (collectively, the "data") to SUNMI. This Statement applies to SUNMI's website, products and services that display or are linked to this Statement. This Statement explains as much as possible how SUNMI processes your data. However, this Statement may not cover all possible data processing scenarios. SUNMI attaches great importance to protecting the personal information and privacy of every user. Meanwhile protecting the safety of the business operation data of each device is also the top priority of SUNMI product design. We undertake that the data you provide will only be used for the purposes described in the relevant terms hereunder. In order to protect the safety of your data, we have adopted appropriate technical and organizational measures commonly used in the industry, such as network isolation, data encryption, employee access control and other measures. The following are our detailed contents on data and privacy protection, and you can click the corresponding link to view and understand:If you have any questions or need advices with respect to the contents of the above policies, please contact us through the following methods: Customer Service Hotline: 400-6666-509 E-mail of Customer Service: We will review the issues involved as soon as possible and reply within fifteen days after verifying your user identity.