SUNMI 58 Thermal Receipt Printer
Particularly prepared for the pacemaker.
A massive amount of receipts, one printer.
Equipped with 58mm high-performance Seiko thermal print head with a print speed of 165mm/s, it can print receipts in real time and free of getting stuck.
Print with different positions.
It can print normally standing or laying on/under the table.
Large-capacity, convenient and cost-effective.
Capable of accomodating till rolls of 58mm width and 60mm diameter, it saves you from frequent refilling and cuts cost on till rolls.
*Supposing we print 3000 receipts/year and each receipt is 0.15m, then every year we need
490 till rolls with a diameter of 40mm
270 till rolls with a diameter of 50mm
180 till rolls with a diameter of 60mm
Compared with using the till rolls with diameters of 50mm and 40mm,148 yuan and 411 yuan can be saved respectively every year if using the till rolls with a diameter of 60mm.
Real-time self-detection for quick feedback.
Overheating? Printer being damaged? Run out of paper? Through LED indicator light as well as the real-time feedback on printer status obtained from cash register backstage, you can grasp the condition of the printer in the first hand.
*Fault point detection and real-time feedback have to be enabled with software.
Tear receipt and refill till roll with one hand.
The stable printer body and zig-zag cutter edge enable you to tear the receipt effortlessly with just one hand.The printer is uniformly forced due to its honeycomb internal structure. Till roll refilling can be a more convenient work for the lid can be closed with just one hand.
Less is more.
The new plug-and-play Type-C USB is compatible with Windows/Android systems.
Built-in power adapter.
The compact design of built-in power adapter saves more room.

58mm Printer Tech Specs

  • Printer

    Print mode:

    Thermal line

    Resolution: 203 × 203DPI

    Active print width: Max.48mm

    Print speed: Up to 165mm/s

  • Memory

    Memory: 64KB

    Flash: 4MB

  • Character Sets

    Font library: Default GB18030 + English

    International character set:

    U.S.A., France, Germany,

    U.K.,Denmark I, Denmark II,

    Italy Sweden, Spain I,

    Spain II, Japan, Norway,Latin

    America, Korean

  • Barcode

    1D: Code 39, Code 93, Code

    128, Codabar, Interleave 2 of 5,

    EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, UPC-A,


    (2-digit or 5-digit additional

    code)2D: Support QR, up to 512


  • Detections

    Sensor:Short-of-paper detection,

    temperature detection, print head

    fault point detection, power

    voltage detection

  • Button

    Function key: One

    Power on/off: One

  • LED Indicators



  • Interface

    Cash drawer: One RJ12, 12V/1A

    Communication: Type-C USB2.0

    Power: 8-shape power port

  • Power supply

    Input: AC 100-240V~50/60Hz

    Output: DC 12V/2.5A

    Method: Built-in power supply

  • Paper

    Type: Continuous thermal paper

    Width: 58mm

    Thickness: 51μm~68μm

    Diameter: Max.Φ60mm

    Separation: Tear

    Paper out direction:Front/top

  • Environment

    Working environment: 0°C~50°C

    30%~85%RH (40°C)

    Storage environment:


    10%~90%RH (40°C)

  • Protocol Driver

    Printing protocol:

    ESC/POS instruction set

    Operating system:

    Windows 7/8/10, Android

  • Dimensions

    Product size (mm):

    116 (L) ×116 (W) ×116 (H)