The much-awaited event is coming! After SUNMI Digital Town 2019 and SUNMI and Partners' Digital World 2020, this year in Qingdao, we are looking forward to seeing you again in CHINASHOP at SUNMI and Partners' BIoT World 2022, a big event we organise that centered around retail tech.
Together with more than 30 ecosystem partners, we will bring digital store solutions that transform the restaurant, retail & wholesale, entertainment & service industries, and will show how digital transformation shift the healthcare industry. Try out SUNMI's cloud-terminal integrated products & services, as well as three series new products released!
* The layout may be adjusted.
Learn how digital transformation boosts businesses with us! We will showcase solutions for multiple businesses: QZHL for canteens, Kewuyou for supermarkets, Wanliniu for groceries, KUN LUN RUI QI for bath & sauna businesses, Yunshangke for smart hotels, Shengpay for smart aesthetic clinics, and Nine Thirty for night clubs. Immerse yourself in and find what suits your business best!
* The showroom may be adjusted.
* The agenda above may be adjusted.
* We have special gifts for 3 lucky listeners picked after all speeches end in the morning and in the afternoon. Don't miss it!
* Logos are sorted in an alphabetical order.