has been designed to manage the after-sales operation and life cycle of SUNMI products service, providing dedicated technical support and service centers where can provide better service for all SUNMI customers.
In addition to provide the service operation, also provides after-sales value-adding business service.
⦁ Warranty Information
SUNMI offers a standard 1-year warranty on all products(except the accessories) and extended warranty rates if required. Warranted from date of shipment from SUNMI or, products not activated within 90 days (inclusive 90th day) out for SUNMI whichever is later, against defects in workmanship and materials, provided the Product remains unmodified and is operated under normal and proper conditions and in accordance with SUNMI published specifications.

Customer is responsible for shipment to SUNMI service center and assumes all costs and risks associated with this transportation. SUNMI shall be responsible for return shipment to Customer, unless SUNMI, in SUNMI’s sole and absolute discretion, determines that the corresponding Product has no defect or is not under warranty, in which case Customer shall be responsible also for return shipment. No charge will be made to Customer for warranty repairs. SUNMI shall not be responsible for any damage to or loss of any Software programs, data or removable data storage media, or the restoration or reinstallation of any Software programs or data.

Warranty repair shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner. The repair shall conform in all material respects to the applicable SUNMI published specification for a period of ninety (90) days following completion of the repair SUNMI Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy in regard to warranty repair shall be to request SUNMI to re-perform the non-conforming warranty repair.
⦁ DOA terms
If Product has quality faulty within 90 days (inclusive 90th day) from date of shipment from SUNMI, or within 15 days (inclusive 15th day) activation in this period, it shall be defined as DOA defect and should be replaced with a new one from SUNMI. And SUNMI covers all the cost on this DOA case.
⦁ Exception of Warranty
1. Expire the warranty period.
2. Improper operation such as feed liquid, artificial damage, or others
3. Product damage caused by high external voltage, lightning and other natural disasters and harsh environmental factors.
4. Unit system and data loss caused by private flash, virus attack, etc.
5. Improper transportation, improper storage, or failure to follow the user instruction.
6. Self-actuated repair or maintain by the Customer or the third party without authorization by manufacturer.
7. Quality' problems or force majeure caused by the purchaser 's authorized supplier.
⦁ Warranty Repair Coverage
Test/InspectionProvide Test/Inspection by SUNMI dedicated app and provide the test report
Software Flash/UpdatesUpdate to latest rom or Specified one in service center
DOA requestAs DOA terms
Spare parts service*Provide Spare parts service from IW Products
Printer head & module repairRepair the defects related printer module
Main board RepairRepair the defects related with MB
Screen/LCD function RepairRepair the defects related with Screens
Power adapter & chargerReplace the Power adapter/charger/cable
Battery/Charging RepairRepair the defects related with battery
Reset Tamper for P serialReset Tamper for P serial in the security room
Screen brokenScreen damage/broken
Appearance/Cover brokenApperance/Cover damage/broken
RefurbishmentRefurbish the Product as new one
* Only with some Products model
Technical Support Coverage
SUNMI Care - Standard Warranty Service
SUNMI Care Pro – Professional Service
Standard Warranty Service
Professional Service
Standard Service
Warranty Service
Standard Warranty1Yr1Yr
Service CoverageGBU RegionGBU Region
Repair Centre Return
Repair TAT7 Business Days from received in service center7 Business Days from received in service center
Specialist Technical SupportN/A
MDM Standard Remote Service
Web Portal Support7*247*24
Professional Service
Dedicated Service CoordinatorN/A
Service ResponseSame Day4 Hours
SUNMI DMP Professional SupportOptional
Devices Binding ManagementN/A
Device Data Report SubscriptionOptional
Repair Report SubscriptionN/A
Software Development SupportN/A
SUNMI OS OTA ServiceOptional
Android security patch update
MDM Premium Remote DiagnosticsOptional
SUNMI LKI SupportN/AOptional
SUNMI RKI SupportN/AOptional
TMS SupportN/AOptional
Value-adding Service
⦁ Extended Warranty Service
⦁ On-site Support
If your devices are too important to your business to send out for repair, or if your devices are too large to send in,or if need on-site installation for new business, one online request can bring a SUNMI trained and certified technician to your door for one-on-one support.