Warranty Term
Warranty Term: 12 months from the date of shipment.
The warranty is for the defects caused by the design or producing problems.
Exceptions for the warranty:
1. Expire the warranty period.
2. Improper operation such as feed liquid, artificial damage, or other non-quality problems.
3. Improper transportation, improper storage, or failure to follow the user instruction.
4. Self-actuated repair or maintain by the buyer or the third party without authorization by manufacturer.
5. Quality' problems or force majeure caused by the purchaser 's authorized supplier.
The purchaser will afford the maintenance costs incurred by the above causes. The specific cost should negotiate between both sides.
The buyer should deliver the goods to the Sunmi Service Center , and the freight cost should be covered by the sender. Notice that subject to the actual address advised by Sunmi after-service team.
The manufacturer should complete the maintenance within 15 working days. If not, the manufacturer should inform the buyer two working days earlier in order to negotiate and solve the problems.
For out of warranty products, the manufacturer will send the quotation to the buyer and it needs to be confirmed in 3 working days otherwise it will be returned to the buyer's address.
After completed the maintenance, the manufacturer should dispatch the device s to the place named by the buyer. Also, the buyer could take back the devices by themselves.
The maintenance fee beyond the warranty period should be paid by the buyer in 3 working days before the dispatch, the freight cost should be covered by the sender.