(Terminal Management System)
Product Features
Private Deployment
Provide more deployment methods (single server and cluster incl.) for clients.
Secure clients' data through data backup and the data recovery service.
Centralized Management
Intelligent devices of multiple brands can be managed through a unified SUNMI interface.
The App Market in the TMS, which can be managed by clients independently, is compatible with different app signature mechanisms.
Branch Management
Capable of tiered management, which caters to the common needs in branch management of banks, agencies and third-party payment companies.
The standardized framework enables developers easier access, thus to facilitate a win-win cooperation.
Main Functions
Connect your merchants and devices, seamlessly.
Maintain merchant profiles, configure transaction parameters and with just one click to release those configurations to a new device or remove a deployed device, thus improving operational and maintenance efficiency as well as reducing labor costs.
Manage your devices, remotely.
Check your device online/offline status, basic information, app installation, settings, and remotely reboot or power off your devices.
Distribute and manage your apps.
Decide what apps to be included in your app store, distribute apps to all devices or in a staged way and manage app versions; your branches can also manage apps with the strict app release process we offered.
Configure bulk devices, with one click.
Configure transaction parameters (merchant, acquiring bank, EMV, etc.) required for the acquiring service and various terminal settings easily.
For All SUNMI Smart Payment Terminals
Have Your TMS Ready for Use in Four Steps