SUNMI Attends WAIC 2021 and Attracts Attention with AI-Powered BIoT for New Business Scenarios

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2021), themed Intelligent Connectivity, Inspirational Cities, was held on July 8 in Shanghai, China, focusing on how technology brings changes to people’s life and work by showcasing the latest breakthroughs in AI technology.

In this exhibition, SUNMI presented its full range of IoT devices, digital solutions, and cloud-terminal integrated service, attracting lots of participants to stop for device try-out and consulting.

Android POS、BIoT、Android payment device

A full range of SUNMI IoT devices displayed to empower offline stores with digital solutions.

SUNMI’s video analytics solution was paid much attention during the exhibition. With the stable network provided by SUNMI 4G Wi-Fi base station, the smart terminals installed in offline stores are linked together in a highly efficient way. And the Digital Wall synchronously displays the real-time data of the store, including the store’s footfall data, store inspection, checkout security, etc., facilitating manager’s real-time monitoring and improving operational efficiency, which satisfies the needs for employee training, management, and data statistics during the expansion of the offline stores, boosting the store’s digital transformation.

SUNMI’s AI-powered innovative products also captured much attention from people, such as L2s smart mobile terminal, T2s smart desktop terminal, K2 smart kiosk terminal, K2 MINI smart kiosk terminal, M2 MAX smart mobile terminal, and S2 smart scale terminal, fully displaying SUNMI’s abundant and diversified IoT devices.

Android POS、BIoT、Android payment device

Cloud-terminal integrated service empowered by hardware and software

Apart from providing various IoT devices, SUNMI is also capable of delivering cloud-terminal integrated service. Based on SUNMI OS, SUNMI Cloud and the abundant IoT devices, SUNMI has successfully built a comprehensive service system integrated with smart terminals, business operating systems, and IoT cloud platform, together with the visualized store management system, to empower businesses with digital solutions that integrate hardware and software.

Android POS、BIoT、Android payment device

Promote a wide use of smart terminals to continuously empower merchants’ business growth.

To date, SUNMI’s digital solutions have been widely applied to offline stores like Freshippo, LYFEN, Xibei, Bianlifeng, Three Squirrels, etc. Based on actual needs from offline stores, SUNMI constantly empowers sectors such as restaurants, retail, healthcare, transportation, public sector, and life services with digital solutions to boost operational efficiency for offline scenarios.

SUNMI by far has served clients located in over 200 countries, regions, and territories together with partners. SUNMI App Store also has over 16000 apps and more than 30000 developers, and the number of downloads also hits 82 million.

Android POS、BIoT、Android payment device

In the future, sticking to the core strategy of BIoT, SUNMI will leverage digitalization to help businesses boost operational efficiency together with partners, and finally realize an interconnected business 4.0 world.