Return to Normal|SUNMI Solutions Help Contain the Pandemic

Helping stop the spread of COVID-19 is not just a response to government’s call, but also a responsibility a company should take.

Facing with the outburst of the pandemic, SUNMI quickly enabled its emergency mechanism and rolled out SUNMI solutions designed for supermarkets, farmers’ markets and the healthcare sector to help contain the pandemic.

These solutions enable self-checkout, contactless pick’n’go, mask recognition and nursing information collection among other applications. Together with SUNMI Assistant app, these solutions can help the management team in terms of data collection and analysis and further support return-to-normal through various containment measures.

With social responsibility in mind, SUNMI responded swiftly, and speed matters even more when facing the pandemic.


SUNMI self-checkout & contactless pick’n’go.

This solution has been widely used in supermarkets, with which customers can scan to pay by themselves or book online and pick in store (BOPIS). This 24hr available solution helps alleviate infection risks caused by gathering, and also let supermarket staff focus on delivering better services.


SUNMI Face Sense Camera helps locate unmasked faces.

Crowds in hospitals, supermarkets among other high traffic places impose difficulties on containment. SUNMI camera solution can effectively detect all faces in its vision range and send alerts to the management team when it finds unmasked faces.


Healthcare solution enabled with SUNMI L2.

How to contain the pandemic in one of the riskiest places - hospital during the outburst? SUNMI also presented its solution designed for the healthcare sector.

Leishenshan Hospital used SUNMI L2 to collect data for patient file creation, diagnosis and nursing among other aspects in its smart information management. As a last-mile solution for pandemic containment, it reinforced the efforts of overworking and burned-out healthcare workers and reduced the load on the health system.

As the pandemic continues unfolding, technology solutions, both effective and human-centric, are multiplying to help control the virus journey.

SUNMI will always be there for help, and hope that the pandemic will be over soon.

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