SUNMI Attends 2021 Shenzhen International Intelligent Retail Digital Expo

From March 14 to 16, SUNMI attended the 2021 Shenzhen International Intelligent Retail Digital Expo. With thousands of peers focusing on making retail more intelligent and information-based, SUNMI discussed how to apply various new technologies to retail and restaurant industries in the post-pandemic era to realize digital and intelligent transformation of traditional industry operations.

SUNMI L2s: a new generation of PDA to empower business operations with partners.

In a whole new digital store built in its booth, SUNMI showed its IoT products of all series, and invited many partners to present solutions and share insightful visions, thus presenting audience professional and convenient solutions for different scenarios. The newly launched SUNMI L2s, a new-gen PDA which can be used in industries like restaurant, retail and logistics, was quite popular in the expo for it drives operational efficiency in warehousing, in-store ordering among other use cases.

Android POS、BIoT、Android payment device

(SUNMI L2s: a new generation of enterprise PDA)

Jiehao Zhu, a product manager of SIXUN introduced how digital transformation changes retail store management; De’an Zheng, the vice president of, brought SaaS localization solutions for restaurants; Yong Wang, the product manager of Weidian of Zhibaiwei, introduced smart retail solutions for small-sized chain stores; Chunpeng Guo, the general manager of Hualala’s operations center, presented promotion strategies on how to boost the private traffic economy in the restaurant industry.

Android POS、BIoT、Android payment device

(Software partners shared digital solutions for different industries)

Supported by SUNMI L2s, SIXUN empowers merchants with its store management app (Tiandian Guandian), with which merchants can scan to register items received, and look up products and adjust prices in-store. Procurement, delivery, damage reporting, best sellers recommendation, reports... merchants can manage 99% processes with one SUNMI L2s without entering the backend system.

SUNMI's partners, leveraging SUNMI’s IoT products, and their systems for store management, membership management and supply chain management, offers merchants one-stop support on operation management, thus to help merchants cut operational costs, increase revenue and build better brand images.

BIoT: Build a business ecosystem where productivity soars.

In the China Retail Digitization Summit Forum held in this expo, Jinhong Zhang, China Sales VP of SUNMI gave a speech titled New Thoughts on SUNMI’s BIoT Strategy in the 5G Era, in which he proposed that the online offline integration will be a new trend. Starting from 2016, when SUNMI launched its first product, it has brought a wide range of commercial IoT products to the market to serve retail, restaurant, food delivery, logistics, finance, healthcare, public sectors among other industries.

Android POS、BIoT、Android payment device

(Jinghong Zhang, China Sales VP of SUNMI, gives a speech in the forum)

Jinhong Zhang also shared some use cases where SUNMI work with partners like TCSL, Pospal, Kewuyou to bring solutions to hotpot grocery stores, shopping malls and farmers markets. Together with over 28000 developers and partners, SUNMI serves over 3 million merchants across industries around the world to bring users localized services and solutions for almost all scenarios, thus to build a business ecosystem where productivity soars.

In the past few years, SUNMI took IoT products and services to more than 200 countries, regions and territories, to help brick-and-mortar stores embrace digital transformation and give their in-store customers better experience. Running a top app store for business with its core value altruism, SUNMI presents users over 1,3000 apps for more than 100 subdivided industries, and those apps are widely used in food delivery, checkout, restaurant, retail, tax control and payment among other use cases.

As a leader in business IoT, SUNMI will continue its BIoT core strategy and focus on creating more and more connected IoT products for business as well as empower its partners by combining SUNMI OS, App Store and SBS. SUNMI never forgets why it started the business, for which it will continue building its Floor 1 and Floor 1.5 and strengthening its ecosystem connectivity, thus to build an interconnected business world with partners.

The new user habits cultivated and innovative retail modes leave the retail industry a great potential to grow, and SUNMI will continue to connect ecosystem partners with technologies and further strengthen its capabilities in ecosystem services and software services.


SUNMI is an IoT company with the core value "Altruism".
We are committed to bringing businesses smart IoT devices and supporting integrated cloud services, to build an interconnected world and finally achieve Business 4.0. 

To better serve our global partners & merchants, we have established branches in 15 countries, covering 5 core regions including Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East & Africa. Our IoT products and solutions have been used in more than 200 countries, regions and territories, empowering merchants around the world.