Client Types
Manage apps
Integrate capabilities
Manage devices and apps
Integrate capabilities
Value-added services (VAS)
from clarified device ownership.
Manage Branches
Assign Permissions
Remote Assistance.
Device management made simple.
More about Remote Assistance
This feature requires the permission from end users. For more information, please visit Device Privacy Policy.
Device-to-cloud integration,
enabled with SUNMI OS.
Show your brand personality with our customization services.
Customize your launcher, wallpaper, boot animation, and input method from the cloud.
Boot Animation
Custom Launcher
A customizable app store
is truly YOUR app store.
More about App Store
Release your OTA updates,
in a staged manner.
Grasp the real-time device
data from the cloud.
More about SUNMI OS
Data visualization,
subscription and integration. All on one platform.
Data Subscription
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Data Integration
Securing the operational data of every device is a top priority of SUNMI product design. For more information, please visit Data Privacy Policy.
Better apps,
from building to updating.
Create apps
Integrate capabilities
Development done
Publish apps
Get and integrate our capabilities, in three steps.
Choose capabilities
Create apps and
get AppID and AppKey
Integrate and publish
Learn more at Capability Center
Update, in a smoother but less risky way.
Advanced services for improved business efficiency.
More about open capabilities
Global network topology.
Quick, stable and secure.
Dynamic Acceleration via CDN
Dynamic Capacity Expansion
Classified Information Protection
Trusted by clients in 200+ countries, regions and territories.