SUNMI "Remote Assistance"

To Break Through Geographical Limitations and Solve the Device Problems

Management dilemma of commercial equipment

In recent years, with the rise of mobile payment & O2O, carrying of Android system and the adaptation to various LiveApp, Internet intelligent desktop or handheld cash register with powerful functions has been more and more popular among the customers in the fields of retails, catering, etc., with constantly increasing demand. However, as for O2O platform, software vendors or agents, how to manage & maintain hundreds & thousands of devices has become a headache for them. For example": in the past, if there were 1000 SUNMI devices under the name of one enterprise or agent, and certain device or software went wrong, they could only communicate over phones, transmit chatting software photos, or even go to the site so that concrete causes of these situations could be realized. What’s more, due to a specific region, the device could only be mailed to the headquarters for troubleshooting, which would cause considerable expense of postage. According to the statistics, more than 90% were caused by improper operation or mistaken software usage. When these devices have spread all over the whole country or even the whole world, the traditional solutions will appear backward, inefficient and with high cost.

Remote Control Device

Provide Service on Call

With the remote control function, the technical staff can have remote control of the user device, just like directly operating the local devices. Only with the simple help from the user, you can get the first-hand material of this device's existing problems, very quickly find what the problem is and solve it.

Know everything about their own devices

SUNMI remote assistance function is based on SUNMI partner platform (SUNMI Cloud) and their partners can have remote management of the devices under the name of the company through the platform. With this function, only by logging in the partner account number, SUNMI's partners can find the information about every associated device that he/she has purchased by him/herself in the networking environment, including the equipment information, application information and setting information of the selected equipment. In "Equipment Information", you can check the service condition of CPU, memory, electric quantity and storage space of the selected equipment, and also local machine information, network state information, peripheral information, printer version information, etc.; In "Application", you can check information such as the version number & size of the installed App of the selected equipment, whether default startup, default desktop have been set, whether it has been disabled, etc. In "Setting", you can check the information about the selected equipment such as wireless network status, developer option, personalization, safety & general settings, etc.

Remote Solution to the Appearing Difficulties

SUNMI devices adhere to the production standard with high quality and strict & fine pre-delivery inspection, thus the problems reflected by the device users in usage of SUNMI devices are often mostly caused by incomprehension or misoperation during the using process. Some of them can be solved through system update or software update while only a very few are required to be returned to factory for repair. Compared to the past low efficiency in communication & difficult maintenance, now we have the "Remote Assistance" function. You can access Internet after starting up SUNMI device, run "Remote Assistance" App to get ready, and then accept the remote operation by the administrator or maintenance staff, to carry out troubleshooting and software & hardware tests, which will help you to realize the device information easily & effectively and find the appeared device problem and its cause. SUNMI partners or SUNMI devices maintenance staff can solve most problems & difficulties incurred to the device users a thousand miles away, to help the service providers to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency!

SUNMI partners or SUNMI equipment maintainers can solve most of the problems and difficulties of the device users thousands of miles away. The cost of assisting service providers is reduced and the efficiency is rising!